Today is all about…March 2014

Where has this year gone? It doesn’t feel like it was only yesterday that it was the start of the new year.

At the beginning of the year, I decided that for each month I would give the pictures a different look or feel. Well I decided, to cancel that this month because I felt that it was too restrictive and I wasn’t a fan of the outcomes.

So from this month onwards, I have decided to continue with the project as per previous years.

Here is March’s photos:


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#nomakeupselfie takes Social Media by storm

Head shot of a lady wearing no make-up

My niece, Ashleigh getting involved in the #nomakeupselfie campaign

For those that have been on social media over the last day or two, you will come across many women getting behind the #nomakeupselfie campaign by ‘bravely’ uploading a photo of themselves without make-up. The outcome has been phenomenal and the campaign is continuing to grow.

While the majority of the comments about this latest social campaign have been positive, there are also been a lot of negative comments made about it:

Although the more worrying thing is the amount of superficial comments being made labelling women ugly without their make-up…and some of these are off women themselves:

We live in a society, where women feel forced to not leave the house without make-up on. And sexiest comments like this don’t exactly make it any easier.

I have not seen one image of a woman who is ugly without make-up. I have however, seen a lot of ugly personalities come through from this campaign. And while an “ugly” woman can put make up on, there is no way to hide your ugly personality!

Cancer Awareness

First and foremost, this campaign was never set out to raise money…it was about raising awareness.

Awareness is such a powerful tool, we have seen what happens when cancer is in the press. When Jade Goody was diagnosed with cervical cancer, the awareness meant that 400,000 extra women were screened, which became known as the Jade Goody Effect. When Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer, screening increased by a third.

So while the awareness may not “find a cure”, it can save lives by reminding people to check themselves out and go get screened.


While the main purpose was awareness, there has also been a really positive side-effect…an increase in donations. It’s reported that over £15,000 has been raised from this campaign…not bad for something that is seen as pointless eh?

UPDATE (20th March): The donations keep on growing. It’s reported that Cancer Research UK has received over 800,000 donations raising £1 million in 24 hours through this campaign. (

Some of the criticisers of the selfie campaign have said we should be donating money instead. In fact some of them (among others) have donated to charity since this campaign started.

I am curious to know, would these donaters, even contemplated picking up their phone and making a quick and simple £3/£5 donation to a cancer charity if it hadn’t been down to this campaign? Probably not.

For those that do want to donate to a charity, then feel free to send a quick text to any one of the following:

Cancer Research

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan - Text MOBILE to 70550 to donate £5

The Christie

Breast Cancer Campaign

Marie Curie

More Importantly – The Campaign Is a Success!!!

This campaign has been a huge success, whether people like to admit it or not. And everyone who got involved, supported or even criticised the campaign have all been a major factor for making the campaign more successful. So congratulations to everyone who got involved in whatever capacity.

Finally, total kudos to the guys who are doing #makeupselfie to help promote cancer awareness. See even guys can get involved too.

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Today is all about…February 2014

The ‘Today is all about…” project is back for a 4th year. This year I wanted to try to do something different with the project by having the images have a similar look or feel each month. For February I included a word/words that related to image or event. Trust me it was a lot harder than I thought. Plus, come the end of the month I didn’t want to include words, because i think it looked a little tacky. 

Here is February’s photos:


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A Gay Dad Takes on the Frozen-Hating Mormon Grandmother

Mike Dalgarno:

A great and well articulated response to the Mormon Grandmother who accused Frozen of trying to normalize homosexuality.

My favourite part is the last couple of lines…Well played.

Originally posted on evoL =:

ImageLast week a self defined Mormon grandmother named Kathryn Skaggs wrote a blog in an effort to alert the world that the movie Frozen was targeting children with a “gay agenda”.  In a sense, she was not alone in seeing “something gay”.  Many gay bloggers reviewed it with the thrill that it captured the air of gay persecution and some went so far as to dub it “the gayest Disney movie ever.”

They, of course, did not mean it in the same way Ms. Skaggs did.    There seems to be some common ground that there is a relevant LGBT message, even if we can’t all agree on exactly what it is, and whether it is “bad”.

Ms. Skaggs is a California pro-proposition 8 activist who feels her religious beliefs should trump the right of other families to enjoy the love and commitment she does.  Her writing expresses the fear that…

View original 1,206 more words

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Today is all about…January 2014

For the 4th year, I have decided to continue with the photo-a-day project, continuing with the theme of the photo diary.

This year I wanted to try to do something different with the project by having the images have a similar look or feel each month. For January I decided all the images would be square…which I forgot I was doing one day! So good start to this challenge then!

Here is January’s photos:

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Cody Lachey: An Anti-gay Troll on our Doorsteps

Earlier today it was reported that former Premier League player Thomas Hitzlsperger has “come out” as gay, which has mainly been met with a lot of positive responses both from professionals and fans. However, like any society there is always going to be someone who isn’t happy, and Twitter normally brings them out in droves.

anti-gayFormer Basketball player, John Amaechi, did what any respectable person would do and congratulated Thomas for having the bravery to be open about his sexuality. In return, he was trolled by a Cody Lachey who argued, among other things, that gay men should be castrated and banned from playing sports. But don’t worry people he doesn’t have an issue with the gays, just that they should not play sports.

While I only got a screenshot of some of his comments, before his account (@cody_lachey) was suspended, the closest we got to his reasons why gay sports-people should be banned from sport is because of the politics and anti-gay laws in other countries. How, erm, sympathetic!!!

Cody’s a bouncer

What is interesting and worrying at the same time, is that Cody is a bouncer within Manchester. Not just any normal venue, but one on Canal Street – the spine of the gay village. This is a guy who has clear and strong anti-gay opinions, and at the same time is meant to be protecting that community. This leads the question that surely there is a conflict of interest for this guy to be working within this area?

There has been a well-document increase of attacks around the Gay Village, which led the council to propose (and scrap) an ‘Early Morning Restriction Order’ (EMRO) for the venues within the area. With many people deciding to stay away because they now feel the area is unsafe, having a bouncer within area that has anti-gay views won’t make them or others feel safer, that’s for sure.

Let’s hope that the businesses within the Gay Village will also wise up and re-evaluate his place within the area.

But it gets better

A bit of research (it wasn’t that difficult) painted a bigger picture of Cory as an individual. A friend mentioned on Facebook that she thought she had seen him on a gay website. Then she found his porn star Twitter account (@CodyCoxxxx) which showed Cody donned in a Rugby kit until he changed it to the LFC logo. Additionally his profile details on a gay porn website, Triga, confirm that he declares himself as bisexual!

Let’s stop there for one moment, we have a guy who has publicly stated that gay men should be castrated, but he is bisexual himself! Go figure!

But it gets better; it’s clear that he is a sports fan and likes to describe himself as ‘rugby player build’. My instant thought when I saw him in a rugby kit was that he played, but in reflection it was probably more a photo-shoot, but why be so against gays within the sporting area, while he likes to dress/play in kit himself. It has a massive air of hypocrisy about it!

Feeling Sorry

When this story was unfolding on the Twitter, I responded by saying I felt sorry for the guy, and after finding out more about him…I still do!

Here is a guy, who is clearly got issues with his sexuality. There has been scientific research which has shown that a proportion of “homophobia” is due to insecurities with their sexuality, but this guy appears to be accepting of his bisexuality. I can only presume that he isn’t so open and is struggling to lead a double life. This could also explain the turmoil he is going through.

I also feel that Cody is an attention seeker, and that his opinions may be fabricated to improve his profile/cause drama. He’s been on Television numerous times, mainly about his time in the army; discussing things such as fighting for his country in Afghanistan or even Lee Rigby’s death. Although, the Daily Star reported that he went AWOL after a year and didn’t even go to Afghan. The paper also reported about Cody’s porn history and how he has links to the English Defence League.

Additionally, Cody has also boasted about being a troll before…and getting away with it! He appeared in court about potential death Tweets towards Sunderland player James McClean in relation to refusing to wear a poppy during a match.

It’s clear that he isn’t there 100%, and that’s why I feel sorry for him. Because he needs help with whatever demons are eating him up inside.

It could be argued, that by doing this blog, I am just giving Cody some more air-time, but I have done it in the vain hope that it’ll make researchers jobs that little easier, and think twice before asking him to appear on TV to discuss something that he really doesn’t have the qualifications to do.

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2014 Goals – Let’s Achieve Them


So 2013 came to an end and I suddenly realised that I hadn’t even thought about, let alone set myself, any goals for 2014. So here I am a week later, finally sitting down putting fingers to keyboard to drum out the 5 goals that I intend to do this year. And I haven’t gone for the obligatory ‘get fit’ one as I now feel that this is something that I am achieving…just about!

So here you go, this is what I intend to achieve throughout 2014:

1. Blog more

blogLet’s be honest, 2013 saw my blogs get severely neglected, as I concentrated on other things, such as university and finding a job. After a busy January the only blogs that appears was the ‘Today is all about’ ones, and even they were late the majority of the time.

This year, I want to try and get back into blogging, both personally and professionally. My aim is to try and increase my readership, and going on the stats, it appears that the easiest way for me to do this is by talking about Bad Taste Bears and all things gay (especially sex – Torchwood gay sex scene is one of my most viewed posts).

2. Plan a wedding

two_groomsLater this year will see us Chris and I celebrate our 10 years together by getting married.  This is something that has been on the cards for a number of years after I got down on one knee (I actually did) and proposed to him at his 40th birthday party, but decided to wait until I had finished university.

So as you can image there is a lot of planning ahead to do for the wedding, and there is already an air of Groomzilla about me!

3. Sell my Bad Taste Bears

btb_kongo_saleThis was something that I was hoping to have started last year, but never got round to it. However, it is definitely something that will need to start happening relatively soon, as the money raised is going towards the wedding.

I am being realistic and know that it isn’t going to go for as much as I paid, but it will help pay for something…maybe my kilt, which I have to buy because my tartan isn’t available to rent.

4. Stop biting my nails

fingernailThis is probably one of my worst habits that I have done since I can remember. This has meant that my fingers look like stubs, and not the prettiest things to have photographed, which will be happening.

Last year, I finally found something that made me stop biting my nails (albeit not stop playing with them), and that is gel overlays. Yep, I got falsies…but they worked! So maybe this is the route I will need to follow again this year to try and improve my nails.

5. Find a permanent job

job_huntingAfter completing my studies I started a 12 month internship at the university, so obviously this means I will need to look for a permanent position before mid-September reaches me, otherwise I will be out of a job.

You know what this means don’t you? Stressed Mike!!! Let’s just say being jobless before the impending wedding is probably not the best thing for my health.

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